CHRYSALIS is a return to natural architecture and the research of metamorphosis and freedom from the weight of our earthly concerns. 

Lightness and divine grace is held in place but with an energy that is about to burst forth. Like the feather, the image of a butterfly swarm is on one hand so delicate and fragile but in reality strong and miraculous.  The shape conveys the message that we can strive for something higher than the base human needs and achieve a spiritual awakening.  The red color and the circular shape of Chrysalis allude to a powerful rising sun like the Japanese flag or the spiritual symbolism many cultures assign to a red dot placed between the eyes, often called the Bindi. 

This spot is thought to hold immense power and wisdom and the red color aids spirituality, honor, love and prosperity. 

Ultimately, the transitory and transformative strength of a red dot of butterflies resolves the crazy chaos of our earth-bound struggles.