When surveying the containers of early life and the delicate balance of a progeny’s very survival, before and after birth, pulls into focus the important elements of nutrition and sustenance. Both individuals and societies, human or animal, require rich support especially in early life. The fragile nature of the creation of life and that life’s progression from dependent to independent usually depends on security, connection, sustenance both physical and emotional and for humans that is literally and symbolically found in a Mother’s Milk and Love. 


The ideal concept for milk is that of a pure rich white liquid. The purity of the white milk is a reflection of the innocence projected onto the newborn child, unblemished by the harsh challenges of life. That belief in the purity of a newborn and the wonder of life and the importance of properly feeding that life are key ideas invoked by the Lactis project.


The French chemist, Marcelin Berthelot created the word Lactose by combining the Latin lac for milk and ose derived from sucrose.  In Italian, the mother tongue of the artist, milk is translated at Il latte and the root word for the bacterium used to diversify milk into cheese and buttermilk is lactis.


The Lactis Project is a surreal marshland of human’s growing out of a pure white seascape of milk that captures the vital energy of life; growing, maturing, loving and triumphing. A pure optimistic expression of our unlimited potential celebrating the importance and necessity of early nutrition and support.