duration: 3:33
    Check the video of the project: AARU


    duration: 2:00
    Check the video of the project: CHRYSALIS


    duration: 11:17
    New York, NY; August 2016: Contemporary Artist Angelo Musco has built his own city of Biblical proportions inspired by Genesis 11:1-9, the story of the Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Tongues. The work, four years to complete...

  • Promotional Video

    duration: 2:44
    Angelo Musco is a Naples-born artist active in New York City since 1997. This promotional piece is a compilation of his various photo shoots and the projects that evolve from those shoots...

  • KHASMA Video

    duration: 3:02
    In these new works, Angelo Musco returns to Mother Earth in this chapter of his unfolding artistic story. From high above the ground of the previous work, ...

  • Production in New York-Harlem School of Arts

    duration: 2:25
    The collective hard work for the Musco studio staff, assistants and volunteer models culminated in a very productive and fun photo shoot that will add thousands of images to Musco's extensive photo archive ...

  • Aves Production

    duration: 1:55
    In the AVES Series the images are minimal and restrained on the surface but complex, poetic and compelling just below the surface...

  • Production in Berlin

    duration: 2:50
    Description Coming soon.

  • Production in Naples

    duration: 2:52
    Description Coming soon.

  • Production in Argentina

    duration: 3:17
    Description Coming soon.

  • Angelo Musco Conception (Sizzle Reel)

    duration: 2:48
    Conception is a journey into the mind of Angelo Musco, one of today's most compelling young artists.

  • The making of Xylem

    duration: 4:51
    The word "Xylem" is derived from classical Greek, which means wood. In trees, the xylem tissue transports water and nutrients from the roots and soil up to the shoots and leaves...

  • Ovum

    duration: 1:36
    Originally conceived as a smaller work moving from trees to branches and twigs, Ovum's interweaving of individual bodies became a near obsession in precision and meticulous manipulation

  • Tehom Exhibition

    duration: 7:17
    This video documents the installation of Tehom, the first solo show of artist Angelo Musco. It took five days to install 191 pieces in the Carrie Secrist gallery in Chicago.

  • The making of Tehom

    duration: 5:57
    Angelo would continue work for two years creating an underwater world with an architecture of tens of thousands of nude human bodies.

  • Making of Aranea

    duration: 6:13
    As Angelo explains in the video, the word Aranea defines a genus of orb-weaving spider thus the creation of the piece consisted in weaving a web with human bodies.

  • The making of Murmek

    duration: 6:07
    A behind the scenes view of Angelo Musco's production of his 2007 project Murmek, a digital installation of nudes conceptually arranged according to the structures of Ant colonies.