The exploration and research into containers of life, community, and early nutrition includes video works, sculpture, installations and live performances. With the human body as the centerpiece of the work, different media and formats, offer alternative ways to communicate and illustrate the power of aggregation. Patterns in nature, and symbolic representations, like those found in his photography, are developed on the three-dimensional plane, for video or as a live event when the concept of the work requires a different medium or way of realization. The following images are selected photographic documentation of additional works.


    This video installation features 11 films that Musco shot in 11 locations around the world all situated on the 41st Parallel, places that relate to the artist’s life. He started looking at different cities after learning that Naples, Musco’s birth-city and New York City, his adopted home were both on the same parallel. The cities are: Naples, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; Baku, Azerbaijan; Beijing, China; Aomori, Japan; The Redwood Forest, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Lincoln, Nebraska; New York City, New York; Viseu, Portugal; and Madrid, Spain. Each film captures the intense image of a very pregnant woman desperately running with a sweat streaked face, holding her belly as she urgently tries to post-pone the delivery of her baby. The piece is a tribute to the artist’s mother who carried him into the eleventh month and nearly died in childbirth.


    This first phase of the project is an ethereal human installation consisting of an enormous white dress with a circular base 30-feet in diameter and approximately 13 feet high. It is held up by 11 statuesque women wearing white wigs with their faces covered in white make-up, and with white contact lenses in their eyes. The women are all pregnant and silently relate to their babies and to each other while the heartbeats of their unborn-babies radiates out from the dress. The number eleven holds a great significance because it represents the unusual gestation period of the artist as his mother carried him into the eleventh month. Their whiteness symbolizes milk, the first nutrition when we are born and when the whole installation is viewed from the side it invokes the image of a nipple. This work was first presented as part of the VIP events of the prestigious Armory Show in New York City in March 2005 and was presented again in Miami during the Art Basel Miami Beach fair in 2006.

  • Performance Installation: BROOD

    Brood was first presented as part of the D.U.M.B.O. Art Festival in New York in 2003 and required coordinating 100 blindfolded models dressed in white that filled a street intersection in Dumbo. Improvisational movement, mostly with the arms simulated the moments when the human egg is being fertilized. This congregation of movement was recorded from the surrounding rooftops as the swarm of models were magnetically drawn inward, clarifying the fertilized zygote that was forming in the middle of the intersection as it would be viewed under a scientist's microscope.

  • Performance Installation: ILLA

    llla was conceived for the VIP lounges at the 2004 ARMORY SHOW in New York. IL and LA are the masculine and feminine articles in the Italian language and the piece ILLA represents the XY and XX chromosomes, which define the male and female sex of the species. With their bodies completely covered, 23 men in blue body suits and 23 women in pink body suits create the installation, a sensuous interconnection of human forms literally spelling out XY and XX.